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Under the direction of Dr. Callie Passano, HvH Dental aims to provide a pleasant and informative appointment for each and every patient that walks through our door.

Dr Callie Passano - Dentist

Dr Callie Passano


We encourage our patients to make themselves comfortable while visiting our rooms and want them to feel part of our family.

Dr. Passano uses the latest in dental technology and strives to give every patient the most successful outcome possible.

These days no-one has to live with:

World class facilities

We strive to stay up to date with the latest technology in dental equipment and facilities.

The combination of digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, Zeiss Loupes and 3D CAD/CAM technology is transforming the way the modern dentist operates, leading to more precise, durable and successful treatments.

Our oral health services

State of the art solutions, services and pleasant experiences for all our patients are the passion of our team and in the process creating healthy, beautiful and functional dentitions for each and every patient. Our mission is to provide patients with the best possible care over the long term, with the most up to date equipment and the lowest risk possible.

We submit accounts to the majority of medical aids. Alternatively, we function on an immediate settlement basis, including for co-payments due on medical aid submissions.